Zoo vrt Osijek

General information and history

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Zoo Osijek is part of the central Guidelines of Zoo Biology. Every member of staff will follow it and represent it towards visitors and the public. Staff is aware of the following facts:

In Zoo Osijek according to Master Plan and Animal Collection Plan the main streams in information are: Evolution of animal and animal societies and the comparison of development of animal societies  in tropical and subtropical grasslands in the different continents both in historical and evolutionary context.
In consequence no species which do not fulfill those two mainstream directions and the masterplan will be presented in Zoo Osijek.  The mainstream directions influence the educational activities especially but not exclusively zoo school, zoo information system (intern and external), and media presence of Zoo Osijek.
Mission statement of the fundamental issue of Master and Animal Collection Plan.

History of the Zoological Garden in Osijek

On January 24, 1955, based on the efforts of the Society for the Establishment and Development of the Zoo, Supervisory Board of the City of Osijek passed the Decision on establishing the ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN OF THE CITY OF OSIJEK with residence in Osijek – Tvrđavica.

Poplava 1965. godine - ophodnja stara kompa 1964. godina Veterinar Stanko Horvat - 1970. godina

The newly established institution was entered in the Register of self-financing institutions on November 10, 1955, based on the Decision of the People's Committee of the Gornji Grad Municipality of Osijek. The institution was managed by the Supervisory Board as a collective managing body whose members were appointed each year by the Department of Municipal Affairs of the City of Osijek. Members of the first Supervisory Board were Nikola Borojević, Zvonko Gregorić, Tihomir Krstić, Petar Šum, Josip Prpić, Vinko Žiroš, Žiga Sudar, Aco Janošević and Zvonimir Horvat. The first manager, later director was Ivan Bulant, technical manager was Nikola Borojević, and Vjekoslav Furman was the bookkeeper.

Rudolf Kern, 1964. godina Prilaz majmunari 1965. godina Slonica Cica, 1975. godina

At that time assets of the Zoo consisted of land (fields, pasture and woods), buildings (administration building and animal quarters), two rafts (one in Gornji grad, and one in Donji grad), motorboat "Golub", two cart horses with carts and the animal park.

Timaritelj Josip Hamberger, 1969. godina Zoo restoran, 1969. godina Akvarij i terarij, 1981. godina

The newly established Zoo included a wide variety of tasks with an emphasis on educational and entertainment purposes:

Ulaznica iz 1977. godine Ulaznica iz 1977. godine Ulaznica

Rules of business organization of Zoological Garden of the City of Osijek from August 8, 1955 included: I. General provisions, II. Institution's assets, III. Management bodies, IV. Business organization, V. Job classification, VI. Terms of business and VII. Funds (financial). The rules clearly stated the public and educational purpose of the Zoo (Art. 2), and generally described Institution's terms of business and professional tasks (Art. 5).
From 1955 to 1962 Zoo's director was Ivan Bulant, Stanko Grozdanić from 1962 to 1965, and Rudolf Kern from 1965.

Zoological Garden of the City of Osijek operated as a self-sustaining institution until 1966, when it was merged with Municipal Company Osijek, today's Unikom.